FLAMEshoes High quality clogs from Slovakia A-002 WHITE


✓ Made in Slovakia Ꙭ

✓ Best quality Ꙭ

✓ Ecologically produced Ꙭ

✓ No glue Ꙭ

✓ Not allergenic Ꙭ

High quality shoes made in Slovakia, where the production of shoes has a long history.

The quality of the materials and designs can be compared to the world's best manufacturers of this type of shoe - thanks to the high productivity of modern equipment and unique know-how, but for a fraction of the price.

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149 Kč

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Země původuSlovensko
ZařazeníDámská bota

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Footwear made in Slovakia subject to strict quality standards. It is made of carefully controlled material, which is light, very durable and easy to maintain. Compared to competitors, FLAMEshoes does not use glue in production and the individual elements fit together exactly, which is not only a much more environmentally friendly approach, but the resulting products do not smell the typical unpleasant odor and do not cause allergic reactions to glue components. The quality of materials and design can withstand comparisons with the best manufacturers of this type of footwear in the world - thanks to the high productivity of modern equipment and unique know-how, but at a fraction of the normal price.
FLAMEshoes is based in Slovakia around Bardejov. It employs almost exclusively people from the surrounding communities, contributes to the improvement of the neighborhood, financially helps the development of local children's sports clubs and donates part of the profits to the Red Cross charity.

The production itself is actually several stages of recycling. The raw material from which these footwear is largely made is a by-product of oil refining in the United States, China or India. Production waste at FLAMEshoes is also used for the production of floor coverings. The heat generated during production is used to heat the entire production hall.  
The production is located in the Bardějov region of Slovakia, where shoemaking has a very long history. The combination of traditional approach and modern machines has one goal: a satisfied customer.
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